LIDAR data from helicopter flight

I stripped the helicopter LIDAR setup down to minimum usable form factor and flew during lunch. Setup works pretty well, this time it looks like I got up to 31.8 m. I think the LIDAR malfunctioned for approximately 1 second near t = 140 s; the 40 m peak is erroneous. I still stay at full throttle for most of the flight, which I think will make controlling altitude difficult, but consistent with what people say about this little helicopter. While the helicopter is in the air, the throttle PWM duty cycle only varies between 59.5% and 63.9% (also, the full throttle duty cycle is a now a little higher than I measured before…not sure why). Next up, some state estimation and closed loop altitude control. I also ordered some lighter LiPo batteries – sacrificing flight time, but shaving almost 30 g of weight.


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